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DJ Dreezy Dre
Known in the music industry as DJ DREEZY DRE , Andrade was born in Port-de-Paix, Haiti. At a very early age, he developed a deep love and passion for music. As luck would have it, he moved to Miami, Florida and that’s when his passion for music and the art of DJing took off. He was motivated to start investing loads of time watching video tutorials on Youtube and even venturing into his local Guitar Center to practice. The first step to his story? Saving up to buy his first controller and DJing software (Virtual DJ). The next step? Dedicate hours of time in his room practicing nonstop. Read More…

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Deeana L.

I’ve had the pleasure of attending numerous events where Dre was DJ’ing and at every single one of them my friends and I had a great time! He truly can cater to any crowd, and will have you up and dancing the whole night! If you have an upcoming event, he is the DJ you should have. Its a guaranteed good time!


Being a DJ is an art and without creativity you are out of the game, but you guys are not, you got it. That summarize how I view your team and specially Andrade’s work as a DJ. I used him at my wedding and a few of my other events and see him perform elsewhere I am impressed of his performances. I don’t know how but he always know how to move any type of audiences. Keep up the good work Dre!!!


Absolutely amazing. I’ve had the opportunity of receiving services from both Dre and Marcus, and I can say I’ve never been disappointed. Regardless who you pick for any occasion whether it’s a shower, wedding, party, etc you cannot go wrong with either or. They bring the latest music’s and can throw it as far back as you want and guaranteed to have the crowd up and dancing all night. Jerry (being the one I speak to when booking) makes sure to get all the details necessary to guarantee a successful and easy process. Very professional. These are my DJ’s for any and all upcoming events I’ll have. Thank you again for your wonderful services.


Hi Jerry and Dre! Thank you again for your services! Very happy and everyone enjoed the music! Pretty much this sims up how everyone felt “Great job….the dj was really super. Best one I’ve seen as far as keeping balanced and keeping a nice tone.” Again, Coral Way English Thanks You for the great sounds! 😁

Haute Couture Events
Event Planner

I really wanted to thank you for last Sunday, it was a beautiful event and I couldn’t made it without my dream team! Once again thanks a lot it is always a pleasure and an honor working with you.

You guys were outstanding and it made this event even more special, I couldn’t hope more than this..It was perfect.

Thanks a lot.. Let’s talk soon about our upcoming event together in July.


My mother, the rest of my family and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you did at my brother and sister in law wedding. Also thank the band for us too, thank you from the bottom of our hearts and may Jehovah blesses you and such wonderful gift that you have 🎉🎊👏🏾🙌

I had the  wonderful honor of having PTOE  DJ my wedding. From getting the contract ready with Jerry to having Dre play all my favorites on my special night the whole thing was spectacular. I now use these guys for any event I have coming up and they also do an amazing job!!
Daniel Nelsonfils
I was very pleased with the service provided by PTOE management. My wife and I  hired DJ Dreezy Dre for our wedding reception and he did an exceptional job. Keep up the good work!
There’s really no question as to who you should book for your next event! If you’re looking for a high level of professionalism, amazing music and intense energy, then PTOE is who you should hire. It’s clear that Dj Dreezy Dre is focused on making sure that everyone has a good time. He really shows up and shows out!!! PTOE doesn’t just offer entertainment, they give you an experience you’ll never forget! Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

Our guest are still talking about how AWESOME @djdreezydre was! Our wedding was sooooo much fun he played something for everyone the dance floor stayed busy. Thanks @djdreezydre and @ptoemanagementgroup for making our wedding AMAZING!


You GENIUS you!!! On my way to work this early a.m. I decided to listen to one of your mix album (Face To Face Vol.4). I went from 😪 to 😑😐😶😏 lol!!